Miniature Herefords in the news

Diversification, niche markets key to success for Deer Forks Ranch
Once the herd is increased, Haar said they have four goals for the herd. They plan to sell the bull calves for miniature bucking bulls, and provide butcher beef for consumers. “Miniatures have all the same cuts as a normal size steer, they just come in smaller cuts and may fit in some people’s freezer better,” Haar explained. “We also hope to tap into the novelty or pet market,” she said. “There are many small hobby farms out there looking for cattle and horses this size. They want miniature lawn mowers,” she said. Read the full story here

Miniature Hereford to be sold at auction
This event is designed to support the Billings Ronald McDonald House, which provides comfort and care to hundreds of children and their families being treated in Billings’ medical facilities. Up for auction at tonight’s event is a miniature Hereford donated by Jo Young. Read the full story here

Bite-Sized: Small cattle make big impression
“Scientific research conducted at Texas A&M University indicates that two Miniature Hereford cows will consume less resources than the so-called standard cow by 15 percent, and produce upwards to 20 percent more delicious beef for your family, naturally marbled on a non-carcinogenic pasture,” added Falster. Read the full story here