Miniature Hereford Cows For Sale


The following miniature Hereford cows are for sale. They are PTIC (Pregnancy Tested In Calf). They are due later this year. Click on their name and the link will take you to their pedigree on the HAL website. They are $1500 plus GST each. A group discount will be considered.

Key advantages of breeding miniature Hereford cattle are:

  • Mini Hereford cattle convert food consumed to body weight more effectively than conventional sized cattle (around 40% of the food intake producing 60% by weight of the prime cuts) and mature up to 20% earlier.
  • Miniature Herefords are small, easy to handle and easier on your paddocks and dams – won’t pock those soft areas as readily as conventional-sized. Are bred for placid and ‘friendly’ temperaments.
  • An evolving market for the end product (quality beef cuts) with existing infrastructure support (local breeders).
  • The broad recognition and acceptance of the Hereford breed makes them very marketable and they are able to be registered with major international Hereford Associations.
  • Mini Hereford cattle are no different to full size Herefords from the point of view of veterinary care.

How big are miniature Herefords really?

  • Most breeders will list either a mature frame score or current height along with an animal’s sale statistics. 114cm (45 inches) tall may not sound like much, but when you add 61 cm (two feet) of width, almost 450 kg (1000 pounds) of beef all wrapped in a hairy hide, they can be larger than you thought.
  • Miniature Herefords are roughly half the size of their Modern counterparts, but they are still cattle.
  • Miniature Herefords, which are a smaller chunkier version of the larger Hereford, like their larger cousins, have a good temperament, essential for a small block.
  • Miniature Herefords forage well and don’t seem to be affected too adversely by hills and the poorer feed that grows on them.